Arts as a mean of social cohesion in the digital era

The Arts4All project, combines creative arts learning with distant learning, to promote social inclusion and integration, through an innovative mobile application. At the same time educators, art teachers, youth trainers will be trained on the application and the produced educational material so they will use them in their activities utilizing new technologies and innovative practices and methodologies in the educational process.


  • Arts as a tool for inclusion
  • Develop synergies between organizations focused on social inclusion and organizations in the culture and creative sector
  • Develop new tools and methodologies in the education of arts.
  • Provide a digital tool (Arts4All App) for learning through entertainment and to promote social inclusion on which the interested parties will be trained.
  • Promote the effectiveness and importance of arts to support the recovery of the cultural and creative sectors.


  1. Sozialwerk Dürener Christen
  2. Sistema Cyprus
  3. The Advisory Center for the Support of the Family (SIKESO)
  4. Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)
  5. Helping Hand
  6. Infinite Opportunities Association





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