The Advisory Center for the Support of the Family (SIKESO), was established in 2007, aiming to provide counselling and guidance to individuals, groups and families in need. SIKESO, utilizing the expertise of the scientists that constitute its Board of Directors and its wide network of collaborators, aims at the close monitoring of social policy, with the ultimate goal of the Center’s contribution to its formulation and implementation. At the same time, it aims to create a network of organizations that will support actions and initiatives for individuals, groups, and families facing social and economic challenges.

SIKESO operates a Counselling Center to support and assist individuals, groups or families facing simple or complex problems, through a telephone line and personal meetings. The Counselling Center operates in consultation with the relevant governmental departments, to which referrals are made in case of need.

Additionally, SYKESO implements projects at local and national level in cooperation with Non-Governmental Organizations, Local Authorities, Associations, semi-governmental organizations, and governmental departments. Among the priorities are the protection of the rights of the child, the promotion of gender equality, the confrontation of gender-based violence, the empowerment and training of young people on issues related to equality, diversity and the wider cultivation of perceptions and knowledge that contribute to the progress of society. Our target group are both young people and adults, supporting educators, youth workers, educational leaders, and supporting staff.

In this context, with the support of young volunteers who are in cooperation with our organization, we have organized information campaigns on gender-based violence and diversity, while we have implemented programs in urban and rural areas that involved the active participation of young people to address delinquent behaviour, drug prevention and social participation.